Hello I’m Sofia,

Hello I’m Sofia,

I’m a 15 year old Polocrosse player who is proud to be an ambassador for equidry!

Lots of people haven’t heard of Polocrosse so I’ll explain a little bit about it. It’s a combination of lacrosse and polo played on horseback. We have a racket with a loose netting which the soft ball is carried in. A team consists of six players, which are divided into two sections of three who play alternate chukkas. In your team you have a attacker known as your 1, Midfield known as your 2 and a defender known as your 3. Where each player is allowed in a certain part of the pitch. In the summer season we play on grass pitches and during the winter we are really lucky to play at some lovely arenas to keep our practice up and ready for the new season!

Having a winter league is also really useful to bring on horses and players that are new to the game to get them involved in having a go. Polocrosse has such a wide selection of levels, junior and senior teams! Many UK Polocrosse players have come through pony club which is awesome as we now have lots of teams over the country. Polocrosse is played all over the world which brings so many opportunities for travelling and also tours for our England squads, which I hope to be part of one day!

I’m very lucky to have such an incredible pony to help me progress up through the grades. She is very agile on the pitch with some super quick turns.

Being away at tournaments lots through the season and also in the winter my equidry has been a lifesaver! It’s kept me warm and dry when the weather is awful and also when it’s freezing on the sideline!

Getting up early to feed the horses and taking them on walks, it can be so cold so my equidry has been amazing! As the 2021 season approaches I am beginning to get my horse fit for this season as well as getting my skills up and ready.

I am looking forward to the season ahead and my equidry to come with me!

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