Hello I'm Jess..

Hello I'm Jess..
I’m Jessica Cumings a proud brand ambassador for the amazing Equidry. I’m a 17 year old rider from North Devon with 2 horses. Polly who is a 145cm full Connemara who I’ve had for 4 years and Squirrel who is a 158cm Connemara X Thoroughbred who I’ve had for over 2 years. 

December was probably my most exciting month in a long time as we came out of lockdown number 2 on the 1st which meant we could get out and compete again!! I’ll admit lockdown 2.0 was no where near as bad as the first one or the one we’re currently in as we were still aloud to have lessons but still as I’m sure you all did I missed competing a lot and am missing it very much now!! So to kick start December 2020 I went out the first weekend in December for some arena eventing! I can honestly say it felt so good to be back out and promoting my favourite brand Equidry!! It was a chilly day so in between my rounds I was wearing the coat permanently! Despite the weather the girls came back with a bang polly winning both her classes and Squirrel coming 3rd being clear but slightly to fast for the time
😉 as you can probably guess I was over the moon! 😂

So continuing on in the week hacking the ponies , galloping them and flatwork lessons we then landed near Christmas! My favourite time of year! So I spent time making Christmas edits and promoting Equidry as much as possible so people could receive the gift of permanent dry and warm winters in the shape of an Equidry on Christmas Day! Not only this but me and the girls got busy and we dressed ourselves up (when I say we i mean me, the ponies did not make it easy whatsoever
🙄) to look all Christmassy for a very fun and festive showjumping at coxleigh!! I plaited, tinselled and elfed up to make us all look as festive as possible!

Unfortunately again the weather wasn’t the kindest but that doesn’t matter with my Equidry to wear in between rounds!! The ponies loved every second of it Polly coming a close 2nd in the pairs with holly morris, the 1, 2 finish on polly and Squirrel in the 90cm and finished 2nd and 3rd on them in the 100
💞 definitely a very successful day it was and again another I wouldn’t have made it through dry without my Equidry!

Then Christmas Day came around and I had a fantastic day. The ponies and I were spoilt to death and also unwrapped the most beautiful gift from equidry! Modelled by Polly in the picture of us on the beach. 

More lovely hacks and fun with the ponies after Christmas trying on new rugs etc. Also took them up onto the moor together and had a good blast across exmoor which was a lot of fun which brings us then to New Year’s Eve. 

December 31 in fear of going back into a January lockdown coxleigh very kindly put on a British showjumping junior and club competition. I’m in seniors for bs so did club and the girls blue me away once more with Polly winning the 90 and then squirrel winning the 100 with Polly in 2nd. It was a fantastic end to December and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more I had so much fun very sad to think that that was my last competition until probably April if not later this year 2021 but at least we ended on a high! 

Thank you so much for reading my blog of December 2020 let’s hope that by December this year we can all have a fab time at stay away shows and camps and all of the fun stuff we miss so much. If you enjoyed reading about my life with the ponies drop me a follow on Instagram so you can continue to follow my journey! It’s @jsp_jumping !

Also as you may have guessed I adore Equidry and can’t recommend it enough you can even use my code JESSC5 for a discount when you order I love mine so much that I got a second one for Christmas!!! Also check out the Equidry accessories tab to see what other products Equidry has to offer all are at the best quality along with the Equidry itself which is honestly the best purchase I’ve made! Thank you again for reading !


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