Me, my ponies and my Equidry by Jessica Noys

Me, my ponies and my Equidry by Jessica Noys

I started October with grit and determination, I was hoping to try some bigger classes on my pony Barbie and get my little grey Dobbie out to some affiliated events. 

It kicked off early in the first week with the Berkshire Area Show. It wasn’t the nicest weather so I was pleased to have my Equidry with me as it kept me dry and warm in the warmup, luckily jumping was indoors!

Dobbie warmed up beautifully but it all fell apart in the ring. Barbie as normal was on fire going clear in the accumulator (which was massive) and I was super pleased to come 4th.

The second weekend in October we were back to my local unaffiliated event at Cherwell, all outdoors and with a microclimate of freezing at the break of dawn I popped on my Equidry so I was warm and cosy as I walked the course.

It is important to me that my ponies stay warm so I love to pop my sister’s coat over Barbie’s bottom when she is waiting, not sure how my sister feels about this, but sharing is caring!

I was lucky to break up from school for a 2 week half term mid-way through October which meant I got more time during the day to spend outside with my ponies, but I must admit winter is not my favourite time, muddy fields, cold toes and shivering my way around the fields in not always fun.

However with Spooktacular at Arena UK quickly approaching I was finding as much time as possible to ride. 

I have a little project pony Bruno who I took out jumping whilst Barbie had a couple a days off and he was a total babe coming home with a 3rd place, whilst my little sister took Dobs round on the lead rein he looked after so well, her smile was the best when she can home with 2 3rd place rosettes.

On the 23rd October we packed the lorry for the most exciting weekend of the winter calendar and headed to Arena UK in Lincolnshire for Spooktacular. It was horrendous weather when we arrived lorries were being pulled into the fields because the rain had made them so muddy, I knew I would be living in my wellies and equidry all weekend!

As I took two ponies with me, I was riding all weekend whatever the weather and it was important I didn’t leave my Equidry back at the lorry because it was either pouring down with rain or a chilly wind, the whole family lived in them.

It was the most amazing experience, manically busy but I loved every minute, I was pleased with both ponies. Jumped higher than ever on Barbie and took Dobbie to some affiliated events so October targets reached with one weekend left.

Barbie had a couple of days off before we headed out again, little did I know it would be the last weekend competing for a while.

We headed back at BCA for the pony club qualifiers and to say the weather was vile was an understatement I hid in the lorry until last minute, and plenty of people were asking me about my nice warm coat, so it was a good opportunity to tell people where to get them and my code (JESSN5). It was worth the trip as I qualified in both classes with two super rounds, I am very lucky to have Barbie.

We finished the month back at Cherwell where I got some super placings with only one show left until the league finishes.

Although I am now disappointed, we are in lockdown and therefore I am not allowed to go out competing I know the ponies are loving their rest. 

If you want to follow me after lockdown I can be found on Instagram jessicanoysshowjumping and I may have some very exciting news.

Don’t forget to order your Equidry and use the code JESSN5, you won’t know how you coped without one (well that’s what my mummy says!)


  • Gareth Keymer on

    Haha! Great blog, Jessica – really interesting to read about what you get up to in your spare time! (I’m surprised you have any time left to go to school!) Have a great Christmas, enjoy all the riding and I’m looking forward to seeing you in January, as are the rest of the class!

  • Posy Jenssen on

    Jess, after your recommendation I ordered my equidry which arrived yesterday, already worn in waiting outside in my pjs and equidry at 4am waiting for my poorly terrier to return from an adventure. Soooo warm and snuggly thank you

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