Follow our step-by-step guide below to select the perfect EQUIDRY for you...

For more information about each step please read below, then complete the quiz at the bottom:-

1) Select your size

Knowing the correct size is the most important part of your EQUIDRY selection process. Our sizing is not like conventional sizing so it's important you pay special attention to our size guide before selecting your coat.

Would you prefer to provide your usual clothing size in male sizing or UK female sizing?

2) Choose your hood

It's all about the hood... We know when you purchase one of our coats, the hood is a big consideration as many riders like the option of having a hood when on the ground but would prefer to ride without one from a safety point of view. Others prefer a warm, snug fitting hood and some an oversized hood to fit over a riding hat which is why we have 3 hood options.

3) How warm do you want to be?

We offer 3 Levels of warmth so you can pick the climate that suits you. Our EQUIDRY thermal rating guide explains the different levels of insulation our coats provide. Our full length coats offer extra coverage and different levels of warmth. There's a full length coat for every type of weather from our non filled Equimac to our super toasty, puffer lined parka.

Taped seams, storm cuffs and storm covers, which cover the zips, will all help keep water out, while a two-way front zip, side zips and leg straps increase your comfort in the saddle.

Which type of hood do you want?