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Please use the drop down options below to work out which coat will fit you best. Our coats are unisex and have been designed to be oversized so they can be worn on top of a body protector, competition jacket or over additional layers (not that you’ll need them with our fleecy liners).

Our sizing is predominantly based on height, focussing less on chest size. If you want to wear your EQUIDRY more like a conventional coat, please consider going down to the smallest size that fits your height. If you think the fit needs to be more generous, please opt for the larger size for your height.

You can also view our customer gallery here which is great for comparison.

We highly recommend heading to our Facebook group Everything EQUIDRY where you will find hundreds of discussions between customers regarding sizing. The EQUIDRY community enjoy helping with sizing queries if you would like to chat to “real” people wearing our coats.

If you still need some extra assistance, please contact us via our help form where one of our dedicated team members will be happy to help you.