Fully machine washable

Fully machine washable up to 30 degrees but we recommend to preserve its waterproof properties that you avoid washing it too often. Never use biological washing powder/liquid or fabric softener/conditioner.

Mud friendly

When needs be just give it a wipe down (or even a hose down) with a damp cloth. We all function better with a bit of mud on us so don’t be too precious.

Avoid direct heat & Sunlight

Don’t dry clean, hot wash, tumble dry or place your EQUIDRY on/above a direct heat source.


Waterproof clothing and can lose their water repellency as dirt and oil break down the durable water-repellant coating.If you notice that the fabric of your jacket is absorbing rather than repelling water, it means you'll have to reproof it.

Nikwax Tech Wash

To get the best out of your EQUIDRY we recommend when washing it you use Nikwax Rug, Tent or Tech wash product and follow their washing instructions below:

To maintain your EQUIDRYS waterproof outer we recommend using a Spray on re proof and following the instructions on the bottle. Ensure you pay special attention to all seams and stitching.

Please note: You must reproof your EQUIDRY every time you wash it to maintain it's waterproof protection.

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