EQUIDRY - Not just for riders!

EQUIDRY - Not just for riders!

Well the weather this morning is definitely a lot nicer than that I worked in this weekend! Pretty much everything was thrown at me whilst shooting - rain, wind, hail, full on snowy blizzards as well as a fair bit of sunshine.

But I stayed nice and dry throughout and wasn't even bothered by the often icy wind. I doubt it will be the last of the bad weather this year but I won't be bothered whether I'm working or down the yard with our horses. I can't sing the praises of my EquiDry coat enough. I've worked in some pretty bad weather over the last few years and have often resorted to either giving up (or hiding in the shed at Chard) when things got really bad, but this coat really makes my life so much easier.

Yes it's been designed specifically for equestrians - riders in particular. But if you work outdoors, are an unpaid groom (i.e. parent!) or find yourself on the edge of any sporting pitch - football, rugby, hockey etc. cheering on your offspring, friends or family and want to stay as warm and dry as possible - then try one of these - you'll be glad you did.

Thanks to Jamesgrayphotos for the shot above from yesterday and to give you an idea how bad the weather was - there's a couple of images that didn't make the final cut due to the rain and snow I was stood out in. ;)


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