Think of our coats like turnout rugs...

The EQUIDRY thermal rating system is simple to use - the higher the number, the warmer the coat so it's easy for you to select the perfect EQUIDRY to suit your needs. Our EQUIDRY thermal rating (ETR) guide rates our coats from 1-3.

To break that down into terms we, as riders understand…

ETR 1 Think of this as being a rain sheet / lightweight turnout with no fill, great for all year round use in lighter showers. In this rating we currently have the EquiMac… EQUIDRYS version of the pac-a-mac

ETR 2 is your light to medium weight turnout with a little filling, the one you go to when the weather starts to turn. In this rating you’ll find the All Rounder Evo LITE, Pro Ride LITE, Shortie and soon to be, The new Pro ride Evo LITE.

ETR 3 is your heavy weight turnout, your ultimate defence against the elements. You can choose from the Parka, All Rounder Original, All Rounder Evo and Pro Ride Evo

All coats in our All rounder range have a fixed, fleece lined hood whereas our Mac and Pro range have a larger, adjustable hood designed to fit over a riding hat that folds away neatly when not required.

Our range of EQUIDRY’s have been meticulously designed by riders for riders that demand the best!

EQUIDRY Thermal Rating 1

Perfect for warmer weather. Think of this as being a rain sheet or lightweight turnout with no fill suitable for lighter showers.

With a super soft mesh lining and 15k waterproof outer our EquiMacs have no filling, are breathable and windproof to ensure you'll remain comfortable and dry in spring and summer.

EQUIDRY Thermal Rating 2

Versatile enough to wear all year round. We think of this like a light to medium weight turnout rug.

Our soft, microfibre fleece lined coats offer the ideal amount of warmth for all year round. You'll want to layer up on cold days (which is one of the many reasons why we make them oversized) but wear with just a T-shirt or vest when you are working hard or the weather is warmer.

EQUIDRY Thermal Rating 3

Just like your horses trusty heavyweight turnout, with a 20k waterproof rating this coat is your ultimate defence against the elements.

Our luxurious, thick fleece and warm quilted linings provide maximum comfort so you’ll be warm and dry whatever the weather throws at you. Perfect for the cooler weather without the need to add many layers underneath. In the warmer months these coats are great when worn with just a vest or T-shirt and even better when sat round a campfire or BBQ in the summer!