What a journey it’s been. I can’t believe we are here celebrating EQUIDRY turning 4. 

Having 2 pony mad daughters here in (definitely not sunny) Devon meant hours stood outside in gale force winds and driving rain. On a daily basis we’d be going home drenched, shivering and complaining. We could never find warm, waterproof clothing that actually worked in the saddle. One day my husband, Nick turned around and told me to stop moaning and create my own riding coat. After a few sarcastic comments I realised, for once he might actually have come up with a good idea! He was straight on the phone to his life long friend Sam and the planning began. 

We needed a coat that really worked and ticked so many boxes from allowing the children to wear body protectors underneath without being restricted, for always cold me to be able to wear extra layers under, to us being kept fully dry whatever the weather - the list of demands was big so we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy feat. 

Myself, Nick, Sam, my talented seamstress friend Jane and Jo who I shared a yard with then went on to spend months designing, sewing, chopping up coats and sending our harshest critics, our children out testing them until the finalised EQUIDRY was created! 

Sam built a website & my fantastic friends bought our first batch of coats without seeing them to help fund them. Within weeks of them arriving we were all getting stopped constantly at shows by envious people who could see how warm and dry we were. There were also a lot of people who would look alarmingly at us and tell us they’d “never be seen dead in one of those”. I’m sure you’ve all experienced those comments.

We decided to bite the bullet and produce another 500, they sold by presale before even reaching us. It was at that point we realised we might be on to something and our full focus began to turn to EQUIDRY.

Last year Nick, Sam & I walked away from our other jobs to work full time on EQUIDRY, fast forward to this year I’m now lucky enough to have my sister, daughters, Dad and closest friends working with us daily. We all love every single second we spend here and it’s because of you, our incredible customers! Some of you are utterly bonkers, some of you own numerous versions of our coat, some of you make us cry with emotion when we hear your stories, some of you make us smile on a daily basis with your entertaining posts and messages but all of you have made EQUIDRY the brand it is. 

Thank you for your support over the past 4 years, it means more than words could ever say!

We have lots planned this month to celebrate our birthday from giveaways to new product launches to unmissable offers so keep an eye on our social media daily.

During November every order placed on our website will receive a birthday gift from us in it as a little thank you. We also have something planned so we can give back to some of our previous customers so have those facebook notifications turned on.

Thank you again for supporting us here at EQUIDRY and giving us the best job ever!

Vicky and the EQUIDRY Team x

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