On the right side of winter...

On the right side of winter...

Equidry have raised the bar when it comes to keeping me dry and warm this winter, I have really felt the benefit of the snuggly fleecy lining and waterproof shell during these recent storms when exercising my pony – I can’t wait for EQUIDRY to release their horse coat !

By way of introduction my name is Holly from Kent. I am fanatical about ponies, a pony club member and wannabe showjumper.  I’m going to share with you a small insight into my adventures with my pony.

At the end of October my parents bought me a new pony called Woodgrove Storm, he is a 12.2hh Irish jumping pony who I intend to show jump once lockdown allows.  As all shows have been cancelled in Lockdown 3 I have concentrated on really get to know and bonding with him.  Luckily I did manage one BS academy training session, a trip to the beach and a local show before everything stopped. 

Pony management is certainly the key to success, I keep Storm on a professional show jumping yard where I spend vast amounts of my time watching the top horses train for big competitions.  Since my pony arrived and settled in we have put front shoes on him as we hack 3 times a week which really does help with fitness.  He has had his annual vaccinations to keep him safe from any illness and his teeth rasped to make sure he’s comfortable in his mouth.  I want to know Storm is 100% happy and feeling good so I can get the best from him.

When riding I try and focus on key areas highlighted in my lessons, we all have little habits to work on and no better time to focus on these during a very wet winter wearing my Equidry!  Currently I am concentrating on my straightness before and after a fence, Storm is keen when jumping he really likes to ‘get on with the job’, therefore I am trying really hard use the corners of the school while  thinking about my lower leg position which will help to secure my seat.

On the days I don’t ride I still like to keep myself occupied at the stables, I get my big grooming kit out and give Storm a good brush, he’s a very affectionate pony and really enjoys his minty treats afterwards.  I like baking too, my mum found me a recipe online and I now bake my own pony treats for him.

Although we are experiencing very strange times at the moment with virtual school and staying safe at home I try to remain up beat.  Firstly as my friends mum pointed out we are on the right side of winter, days are getting longer and it will soon be Easter!  I am incredibly lucky that I am allowed to ride my pony and get outside, whatever the weather I pop on my Equidry to  make the most of it.

I wish you all the best of luck with your ponies this coming season and remember ‘think positive, be positive and work hard!’  You can follow me and what I get up to on my Instagram page hollyjones.sj watch this space for more news…….

Holly x


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