Life with Casper and Royal by Bethany

Life with Casper and Royal by Bethany

I got my boys in June 2020 as rising 4 year olds (Casper and Royal). We started off with a nice quiet start to the competitions. But as most of you know corona has taken over our lives...

December had its ups and downs.

It’s started off with me taking Royal up to exmoor with Jess (@jsp_jumping) and it was very cold and foggy. We also jumped off of the nice cross-country jumps up the top of the bridle way. Galloping up the top of the valley in my EQUIDRY gave me such a great feeling (I was definitely very warm anyway).

2nd week in and I took Casper to his first ever arena eventing!! This was his first competition since September. 

Started off in the warm up and he was very excited to be back out. Trotting round like a plonker. 

Went into the arena and he absolutely flew round! I was so so proud! No poles, stops or time faults. I was so proud we went round clear. But then I heard we placed first! I could’ve cried! His first arena eventing and he went and won it!! 

The week after we went to Coxleigh Barton to do some unaffiliated showjumping on Royal. 

Went into the warm up bronking and bucking round like he has had a week off. He was definitely excited to be back out again! 

Went round with only 1 pole but flew round. 


Got to the end of December and it didn’t end in the way I would’ve liked to. 

Took Casper to Downe farm for some Christmas showjumping and we unfortunately had a nasty fall which ended me in A&E (in a Santa suit....)

Wore my EQUIDRY the whole way there as it was just so supportive and comfy

I'm so grateful to be a part of an amazing team taking me through 2020/2021! (Definitely warm and dry) 

Don’t forget to order one now using my code “FLB5”

I don’t know how I would live without my EQUIDRY.


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